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Software Teams for Startups & Growing Companies

At Fayrix, we've been smoothing the rocky road of tech start-up for 12 years. Now, we're ready to share this experience with you. Utilize our bespoke software teams and stay goal-orientated.
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We understand that trying to manage the whole product development process while finding the right people for the job can be complicated, to say the least. Having been a part of the startup ecosystem for over a decade, Fayrix is ready to help you.

Fayrix teams for startups key facts

years of experience, starting up since 2008
engineers in 8 R&D offices in Russia & Eastern Europe
and product management in Israel
successfully launched technology products

Startup Software Teams from Fayrix – what are they?

At Fayrix we provide you with a fully functional software development team. On average we take only 2 weeks to build, interview and test an entire software team for you. Fayrix Software Teams will help you to solve all the basic Startup Struggles:
slow and cumbersome product development;
high software development costs;
poorly designed software development processes;
lack of good-quality software engineers;
difficulties in scaling product development;
difficulties related to fixed-price subcontractor projects.

What we offer for Startups

Fayrix's main field of expertise is in the building & management of dedicated, remote software teams. With access to a plethora of in-house engineers, we're ready to provide you with a software team for almost any vertical market.
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The benefits of Fayrix's software teams for startups

More products
Cooperation models
We provide continuous support to help you scale your team.
We offer suitable business model or a mixture of the options and start to work!
We explore your business and technology issues to form a special team strategy.
Before any project we investigate business and technology challenges to form a dedicated team strategy. Our team provides continuous support to help you scale your team.
We offers a variety of support services: from infrastructure management, to co-governance and consulting.
How does it work?
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