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Mobile App Development Services

Native and hybrid apps for iOS and Android phones and tabs

Mobile development for startups

The following aspects are essential and define the success of any app development process: UI and UX design, building the architecture, programming, and launching the product to the app stores with quality marketing and channeling support.

UX and UI Design

Fayrix, as an app creation company, pays great attention to mobile UX and, further, UI design, which comprises 80% of any mobile product success. We typically use Balsamiq and Mindnote to design UX and Sketch for creating cross-platform UI designs. To ensure smooth cooperation between designers and developers, we usually utilize the Zeplin service.

Architecture Design & Programming

The solid ground for smooth product work and its maximum performance is the right architecture. We pay much attention to designing the exemplary architecture for large-scale and high-load mobile services.
Typically, we develop native apps. We work with Swift or Objective-C for Apple devices, with Java, C++, or Kotlin for Android and C# for Windows Phone. Native apps are usually the best option for large-scale and innovative products: they are optimized, light-weight, and fast. However, to make the development faster and cheaper, we develop hybrid apps on React Native or similar cross-platform technologies.
Besides, following our long-term mobile development experience, we created our own Mobile Services Platform. The use of this platform accelerates the mobile development process and makes it cost-effective.

Marketing & Channeling

The final stage of mobile apps development for a startup business is launching it to the App Store or Google Play Store. We will assist you with creating the App Store and Google accounts, uploading the app, and making ASO. We will draft a selling product description, create an outstandingly attractive icon, find the right keywords and the App Store category. Upon your request, we can assist you with further digital marketing and PR activities.
Our experienced team is ready to start mobile app development for small businesses. We will work on the app that will set you apart from others.

Fayrix proprietary Mobile Solution

As your development partner, Fayrix can provide IOS and Android application development for small businesses. We have a range of different startup services and solutions.
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Fayrix corporate mobility
Mobile workplaces for remote and field staff of various industries: lawyers, merchandisers, road police, city inspectors, insurance agents, etc.
Fayrix mobile device management
A straightforward solution to manage a fleet of corporate mobile devices. Includes digital signature, antivirus, protective cases, mobile payment terminals.
Fayrix mobile service platform
The environment, which makes the mobile and web development process as easy as assembling a lego toy.
Start developing your mobile app right now!

Why going mobile?

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Better engagement with customers
Mobile apps are far more interactive and can be integrated with a device's built-in features
Better customer loyalty
Unlike browser bookmarks, apps always stay on the front of a home screen which creates more visibility for your product and brand
Improved customer experience
Mobile apps offer faster access in just one step of tapping on the app icon with no need to open a web browser and typing in a URL
Greater audience reach
With a mobile app, you'll get exposure to such platforms as App Store, Google Play, and Microsoft Store
IOS or Android
Scoping and planning
Discovery stage
We try to learn everything about your goals, ideas, and vision. The main purpose is to offer you relevant solutions.
At this stage, we make business and market analyses and choose the platform to cover most customers.
Our team defines the project's scope, deadlines, budgeting, and the application's technology stack.
Mobile App Development Process
Day-to-day updates
We send regular descriptive reports to keep you informed about all stages of app development.
QA and testing
Development stage
Product launch
We work to transform the idea into a real and convenient product with UI design, strong backend, and original features.
Before the product launch, our QA engineers test the app to find all possible bags and provide end customers with the best experience.
After we implement development requests and made all end solutions, we are ready to launch and scale your app.
Maintenance and support
We offer after-launch support for you to relentlessly improve your product's quality and retain your end-users.

What to choose: IOS or Android

It is essential to choose a mobile platform for your application launch in the first steps of development.
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IOS development for startups
Project management outsourcing for startups helps to set clear and concise goals. It is not an easy but necessary process, in which our specialists can help you to set milestones for the success of your growing business.
Android development for startups
Fayrix is a startup consulting legal services company created to help you deal with all legal issues when starting your business. We will keep you away from non-compliance fines and reputation risks.

Why choose Fayrix

We strive hard to support you at every step with a professional approach. As specialists in custom mobile app development for startups, we will become your team members, mentors and reliable partners, and show you how things should be done.

As a mobile app development company for startups, we have a startup-centric team that shares our clients' ideas and vision.
We want you to be aware of all development processes and have direct feedback about the product. Clear communication is a key solution to reduce work time and be on the same wavelength.
We at Fayrix, as an experienced app developer for startups, guarantee our clients top-quality products within all requirements. Our expertise is confirmed by clients' testimonials and multiple Clutch awards.
As a mobile app development company for startups, we make the best budget-friendly solutions. We know your budget may be tightened and offer you affordable, innovative solutions that will help you to grow more costs.
High quality
Professional engineers with relevant experience
Full transparency
Cost-effective development
Full-time employees
All team members are fully and exclusively occupied with your project - this is best for software developers, analysts, and QA engineers. You will face no recruitment troubles or administrative hassle.
Time & Materials
Part-time team members, such as DevOps, designers, or data analysts. For customers who need to extend the existing production team & intensify project implementation at a reasonable price.
Target team formation with subsequent relocation to the client-side. We create a separate legal unit, manage it, build all the processes, and then transfer it to the client side.

Cooperation models
Every project that needs mobile app development for startups, varies from one others, so we decided to make several formats to choose from. Hire your dedicated developers' team relying on the size and requirements of your project, budget, and cooperation length.
Our mobile
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