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Revolutionary approach
to the learning process

Client background
Siloam Technologies is a startup company focusing on deploying machine learning and deep learning technologies to transform the educational experience. The company employ technology and data analytics to enable a personalized and efficient learning journey.
Partnership quick facts
Dedicated Software Team
1 year
Java, React.js Kotlin, Swift
15 quality specialists
Team size
Partnership period
Product overview
Overwrite is a multi-platform educational application where everyone can create target learning courses for users trainings. Education process takes place through tests which adopt their complexity according to the user' progresses.
The platform tracks each learner's strengths and weaknesses, and feeds questions that the student needs most. Learners can view the detailed analytics on their performance produced by Overwrite platform. The platform engages independent contributors to create questions and quizzes for the platform within the Contributor's Portal. The Portal allows to create multiple-choice questions, answer options, select the correct one and assign a particular question to pre-defined categories as well as set the question complexity level.

The system consists of 9 modules with 4 in the core:
Mobile Apps
For iOS and Android to take quizzes according to the knowledge level of the user.
Contributor's portal
The Web Portal for content contributors to create questions and classify them into topics, categories, complexity, availability.
Analytical Panel
Analytical module with the history of taken quizzed, questions, their results, infographics and charts to track users progress.
Data Science Module
To operate the learning module and distribute the learning contents according to user academic progress and skills.
Business challenge
Siloam company has come up with the idea of creating a revolutionary educational platform based on machine learning algorithms. At the same time as a startup company they had difficulties with building all the entire processes and technological realization of the idea for mvp.
No understanding of the real product concept;
The lack of the prior marketing research;
The need for engineers with a specific background and special characteristics, ready to solve unique architectural problems.
Siloam turned to FAYRIX
Initial team building
Fayrix has formed an initial team for Siloam project in just a couple of weeks with high quality Team Lead on the Fayrix side.

Team building steps:
1. Search for high qualified Tech Lead on the Fayrix side.
2. Formation of the initial team for the project.

Each team member completed the test task and went through 3 stages of an interview with the customer:
in-depth interview with Fayrix technical specialist;
in-depth interview with Siloam Technical Lead.
on general technical issues;
Expert (5+ years) and Middle (3+ years)
Vacancy success ratio
High-level Java developer
React.js developers
Kotlin developers
Swift developers
Marketing analyst
QA Engineers
Data Science engineer
Project manager
Task management & communication tools
The team has become a full-fledged Siloam unit working by FTE model with Scrum methodology, was managed by the project manager on the Fayrix side. There were daily online-meetings, as well as a retrospective at the end of the sprint. The work process was based on usual for the client communication environment.
Software infrastructure:
•Jira – internal task tracker
•Gitlab – version control
•Confluence – knowledge base
Hardware infrastructure:
•Fayrix developer stations
Project results: team deliverables
A team of 17 qualified developers has accelerated the development of the Overwrite platform by 10%. For now all of the necessary customer' educational services are managed through the platform interfaces:

•An ability to create, filter and rate all the content items.
•Diagnostic test and Gyms with tips for the further learning of the week points, level visualization via charts.
•Content complexity and level adaptation using machine learning methods.
•Payment processing, etc.
Back-end development
Front-end development
•High loaded interfaces (Java script, React, TypeScript)
•Adaptive UI
•Kotlin, Swift
•Load testing
•Regress testing
•Manual testing
•API testing
Data Science
•Python(data modeling)
development of the technical specification, functional requirements and architectural design concept.
competitive landscape overview and proposed a business model and product features analytical recommendations.
During our partnership there were developed iOS/Android mobile applications, Contributor's Portal and Data Science module for selecting questions based on complex mathematical formulas.

Overwrite platform has received a number of grants from the Singapore government, and was also presented at EdTech Asia 2020.
Market analysis:
Product analysis:
creating product UI/UX design with a set of wireframes, MarvelApp prototype, UI kit.
UI/UX design
contributor's portal, iOS/Android mobile apps and Data Science module.
Development and soft launch
iOS/Android mobile apps and Data Science module deployment.
Enhancements & Hard launch
Sprint tasks:
Work stages
Average Siloam savings on development costs per month
Total economy on development per year
Increasing the productivity and quality of the developed product up to 20%.

Reducing the number of paused or moved to the next sprint tasks by 2 times.
Project savings
Fayrix team for Siloam projects:
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