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Revoleto: Educational Portal for Traders
Revoleto is an e-learning platform that helps users discover the world of investments and trading. The company aims at developing an e-learning platform for traders that will allow beginners to dive into the trading market. Revoleto's wide range of useful investment and trading tools helps trading enthusiasts deepen their understanding and learn how to analyze the market correctly.
Client background
Revoleto is a startup company and financial broker for LATAM countries that builds educational courses for traders worldwide. The company has already implemented an array of innovative trading and investment tools into an online trading platform that makes trading easy to understand and even fun, using graphic representations for various financial instruments. For now, Revoleto strives to become one of the leading social trading networks.
Partnership quick facts
Dedicated Software Team
Hong Kong
6 months
4 quality specialists
Team size
Partnership period
Product overview
Fayrix's team has implemented a range of web services for Revoleto company. Among them - development of the website on using Wordpress CMS, optimization of the bootstrap pages, implementation of some basic functional to the Assets section:
Website on WordPress with custom Learning Management System & Optimized bootstrap-based pages.
Live Stock Price in Assets section.
Partner Program for webmasters supports more than 50 parameters.
Tradetech Playtech Financials API Integration.
Business challenge
Revoleto company has come up with the idea of creating a revolutionary educational platform for traders. At the same time, as a startup company, they had difficulties in building a high-class team, tight deadlines, and total uncertainty with a roadmap and the whole product concept.
No understanding of the real product concept;
The lack of the prior marketing research;
The need for engineers with a specific background and special characteristics, ready to solve unique architectural problems.
Revoleto turned to FAYRIX
Team Building With Client
Fayrix has formed an initial team for the Revoleto project in just a couple of weeks with a high-quality Team Lead on the Fayrix side.

Team building steps:
1. Search for high qualified Tech Lead on the Fayrix side.
2. Formation of the initial team for the project.

Each team member completed the test task and went through 3 stages of an interview with the customer:
in-depth interview with Fayrix's technical specialist;
in-depth interview with Revoleto's Technical Lead.
on general technical issues;
Expert (5+ years) and Middle (3+ years)
Vacancy success ratio
PHP/FS developer
WebMaster/PHP developer
Project manager
React/FS developer
Task trackers & Communication tools
The team has become a full-fledged Revoleto unit working by FTE model with Scrum methodology, which was managed by the project manager on the Fayrix side. There were daily online meetings, as well as a retrospective at the end of the sprint. The work process was based on usual for the client communication environment.
Software infrastructure:
•Jira – internal task tracker
•Gitlab – version control
•Confluence – knowledge base
Hardware infrastructure:
•Fayrix developer stations
Business outcome: the Results of the Fayrix
A team of Fayrix qualified developers has accelerated the development of the Revoleto platform by 10%. For now, all the necessary customer's educational services are managed through the platform interfaces. The Fayrix team has developed a high-speed website with e-learning elements. The site architecture assumes the possibility of the serial connection of new system modules.
Back-end development
Front-end development
•HTML5, CSS, React
Data Science
•Milestone planning
•Backlog maintenance
1 week sprints

Scrum management with daily calls

Planning all upcoming work for the team every 2 weeks

Constant cooperation with the client
We are flexibly working on our backlog to prevent team downtime due to the unavailability of third-party services. During our partnership, we developed a website with its own Learning Management System and optimized bootstrap-based pages. That allows them to manage content and effectively customize the educational process.
Sprint tasks:
Revoleto has released a high-speed website with its own LMS and educational platform for traders. Fayrix's high-quality team has completed the assigned tasks quickly and increased the productivity and quality of the developed product up to 20%.
Project Achievements
Average Revoleto savings on development costs/mo
Total economy on development per year

Fayrix team for Revoleto projects:

Fairyx is a software development company with offices across the globe and over 1,500 top-notch professionals. We are well-versed in the latest technologies, including machine learning in banking and finance industries, mobile app development, big data consulting, etc. Our extensive knowledge allows us to help businesses build excellent cross-functional teams to deliver outstanding digital products.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the challenges of developing an educational portal for traders?
From our experience, the most common challenges businesses face when developing an e-learning trading platform are the lack of understanding of how the final product will look. Another challenge is the need for software engineers with a specific set of hard skills to solve the unique issues that arise from building a digital educational platform for investors and traders.
What is a case study of creating an e-learning portal for trading?
Revoleto is our proudest case study as we have managed to create an excellent team and built a high-functioning application in six months. Our achievements account for monthly development cost reduction by 40%.
Where can I learn how to develop an e-learning portal for traders
If you would like to create an e-learning portal for learning trading and lack experience in this sphere, refer to professionals. The Fayrix team will answer all of your questions about the development process and give you valuable insights about creating learning engagement platforms.
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