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Medical Platform Development for Diagnosis and Analysis of Medical Images


Client background

Binomix LLC was created on the basis of the National Research Lobachevsky State University. Since 2019, the company has become the official distributor of RADLogics and uses its Virtual Resident product at the heart of BinomixAI. The main technology is the decoding of medical images for the purpose of diagnosing and detecting pathologies. It processes the incoming image and provides the doctor with a report, which contains a snapshot of the pathologies found, their size, volume and structure.

Partnership quick facts

Dedicated Software Team
8 months
AI, Medicine
Go, Mongo DB
6 quality specialists
Team size
Partnership period

Product overview

Binomix.connect is an integration platform that enables automated analysis of medical images based on artificial intelligence and implements local digital health diagnostics to speed up the analysis of the identified disease. The platform implements continuous improvement of diagnostic parameters through machine learning. We are proud to deliver our artificial intelligence development services and make one more step to better and more data-driven healthcare together.

The system consists of 7 modules:
Distribution AI controller
The controller verifies the study and validates it against a specific set of metadata.
AI modules
One or more AI modules that process research and generate preliminary results.
Diagnostic Material Controller
This module implements parsing of the metadata of incoming studies, brings the data into a single format, and provides data sending to the AI module to obtain results.
Report Configurator
This module provides a web interface that allows you to edit the content of PDF reports. The configurator allows you to create reports in various formats and independently select the required values.
Report generator
This module generates a PDF-report with a contoured image containing the results of processing the AI-module.
Centralized billing
A module that allows you to track in detail quantitative indicators at all levels of the system.
DICOM database
Object storage that works with DICOM files. Includes a status system for files located in it.

Business challenge

Binomix company has come up with the idea of creating a revolutionary medical platform for analyzing tens of thousands of X-rays per day, giving instant results. For example, for COVID-19, it shows the area of lung damage, percentage of damage, and possible risks. At the same time, Binomix company had difficulties building a high-class team, tight deadlines, and total uncertainty with a roadmap and the whole product concept realization.
Constantly changing product requirements with a tight deadlines
The lack of the prior product research
The need for engineers with a specific background and special characteristics, ready to solve unique architectural problems
Binomix turned to FAYRIX

Team building with our client

As part of our software development services, Fayrix has formed an initial team for the Binomix project in just a couple of weeks with a high-quality project manager on the Fayrix side.
Formation of the initial team for the project
Search for high qualified Project Manager on the Fayrix side
Expert (5+ years) and Middle (3+ years)
Vacancy success ratio
Project Manager
Go developers
QA engineers
DevOps engineer

Task management & communication tools

The team has become a full-fledged Binomix unit working by the FTE model, which was managed by the project manager on the Fayrix side. The work process is based on the usual for the client communication environment.
•Google sheets
Software Infrastructure:
•Jira – task tracker for internal tasks
Hardware infrastructure:
•Amazon servers

Product Outcome: the Results of the Fayrix Development Team

A team of 6 qualified developers accelerated the development of the main product by 15%. For now, the Binomix medical platform for images analysis allows for instant processing of X-ray scannings, helping doctors make better and faster decisions in conditions of urgency. Developing the medical diagnostics platform, we were focused on its ability to analyze lung images and detect the COVID-related chances so that the doctors can quickly cope with a large influx of patients. To date, Binomix medical platform comes with a user-friendly interface, multiple integrations with other medical systems, the feature to compare X-ray images in dynamics, and detailed reporting.

As the last step of developing a medical diagnostic platform, we embedded the following connections and integrations to allow the doctors to analyze the incoming data from various systems:
Connection to a separate modality (CT, MRI, etc.);
Connection to RIS;
Connection to PACS;
Connection to HIS / MIS.
What's more, the process of developing a medical analysis platform for Binomix goes on — now, the system is projected to get self-learning features to let the doctors utilize the full power of data analysis and artificial intelligence.
Back-end development
•Server side based on PHP
• Debugging work
• Unit testing
•Load testing
•Functional testing
•Calibration testing
At the moment, the sprint contains an average of 60 tasks, which allows the team to clearly follow the Binomix backlog and issue releases every 2 weeks.
During our partnership, the Fayrix team integrated the Binomix platform with the Moscow services of the Health Department. The platform can simultaneously analyze hundreds of thousands of X-rays and generate an instant report on who is sick and to what extent, and who is definitely not.
2-week sprint
Planning all upcoming work for the team every 1 month
Constant cooperation with the client

Sprint tasks:

How we did it:

Overall productivity
Faster software
Binomix has released an integration platform that enables automated analysis of medical images based on artificial intelligence. The Fayrix high-quality team has completed the assigned tasks in a short time and increased the productivity and quality of the developed product up to 20%.

Project Achievement

The Fayrix Team for Binomix Projects

Building your own healthcare platform is a great responsibility. Fayrix is here to share it with you, utilizing the best practices in telemedicine and artificial intelligence development. Being well-versed in both words, our experienced team is right here to support you with developing medical diagnostics platforms or any other telemedicine solution that will change lives and the approaches to medical care delivery.

We hope our case study of developing a medical diagnostics platform gave you an insight into our experience in the industry. Reach out to us to get started with building a medical solution that will revolutionize the industry!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the challenges of developing a medical diagnostics platform?
According to our experience in the development of the telemedicine platform case study, the challenges are hidden in unclear software specification requirements and tight deadlines. Still, in practice, the list of challenges and tricks can go on. The main one is creating an ML model, teaching it to recognize the images and make the right suggestions. Also, medical data safety is an evergreen challenge in any project development, but within the healthcare industry, patient data becomes even more vulnerable and sensitive.
How long does it take to develop a medical analysis platform?
According to our experience, it took us 8 months to develop an AI-powered platform for x-ray images processing and analysis. In practice, it can take both more and less time to create a medical app, depending on the project requirements, complexity, and the developers' skills.
What is a medical platform development case study?
A case study of telehealth app development is the step-by-step story dwelling on creating a healthcare application. On this page, we talk about the case study of our team for Binomix and discover the stages of developing a platform for automated analysis of medical images based on AI.
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